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How WordPress Will Help You Grow

Did you know that over 342 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month on the WordPress Platform? This internet traffic includes blogs, websites, newsletters and many other options available through WordPress and CMS based websites. As WordPress continues to pave the way for the future the value that Content Management Systems bring to your organization continues to steadily grow.

A few Content Management System perks:

  • Creates the availability of allowing clients to edit their website.
  • Various Languages are supported.
  • Integration of Blog and Newsletter systems.
  • Allows for a fluid integration of various social media tools including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Open Source community which includes plugins and further options for design.
  • Stable websites with secure pages.
  • User registration and integration.

WordPress is built following W3C standards for XHTML and CSS, ensuring that your site is more easily rendered across standards-compliant browsers.

Looking for a remodel?

More importantly, utilizing WordPress as a CMS will improve the longevity of your website by maintaining web standards. If you’re looking for a website overhaul, WordPress is a great starting point for many consumer markets.